Corporate Wellness

Prevent stress from disrupting your business


Employees are routinely exposed to stress.  Coupled with common workplace challenges, many are also dealing with personal, social, or financial issues.  The sum of these stresses, and other life issues, often cause problems in the workplace including:



  • Inefficiency

  • Loss of Productivity

  • Absenteeism

  • Workplace Conflict 



While employee assistance programs (EAP) often provide assistance to employees who are experiencing the negative effects of stress, addressing stress before it develops into a problem is rarely done. A Love Your Life Corporate Retreat will help to manage employee stress and prevent it before it begins. We are dedicated to providing high quality, evidence-based, stress management training through corporate/employee wellness programming/workshops and corporate retreats.



Many scientific reports offer evidence that workers who learn some form of meditation, engage in positive restorative techniques, as part of a workplace staff development program, are less stressed, are more productive, and have higher job satisfaction ratings than workers who did not meditate and practice breathe deep© techniques.

LYL Retreats will work with you to customize a solution to:



  • Offer seminars or workshops as a component of your established employee wellness or development programming


  • In collaboration with your leadership team, develop a customized, comprehensive employee retreat program facilitated by certified LYL instructors


  • Provide consultations on solutions to institutionalize long-term stress management programming within the company




LYL Corporate Retreats will create a specific program for your company:

2 Hours 4 Hours 8 Hours Staycations OR Awaycations. We plan and organize everything from accommodations to meals to programming. 

Contact Laraine Gordon today at or call 631.338.7258


We provide the following depending upon your needs:


  • Nutritional talks & programs for weight loss & healthy eating.

  • Spa services, Breathe Deep© sessions, meditation & guided imagery.

  • Accommodations, meals, activities; i.e. kayaking yoga & so much more...

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