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Sloane Ranger

Vintage Floral Slouch Backpack

Ever wonder how to get the Sloanie look? Here are the most popular items to help you make a bold modern prep statement out of on-trend preppy must-have accessories. Everything you need to make your own personal Sloane Ranger fashion style that's never flashy, always confident. Cheers!

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Turkish T

Vintage Floral Slouch Backpack

Turkish T's humbly confess that they are passionate scholars of textiles driven by the compulsion of touch.


It may seem like a simple bath towel. A utilitarian piece of cloth to some but to us, every Turkish-T is a work of art, formed with an esthetic appreciation of the age-old technique used in the tradition of processing, refining and looming cotton. If you too confess to being a cotton connoisseur, then you probably already know that Turkey, especially along the original silk trade route is known around the world as producing the highest quality cotton products in the world.


If luxurious cotton products that are aesthetically pleasant to the touch are your passion, then you have found your kindred spirit!

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