Horse Whisperers

I remember the first time I went horseback riding, they paired me up with a beautiful horse named “Farah”. My family and I were at a dude ranch following a very recent traumatic loss in our family, my sister had died suddenly and we were trying to pull the pieces together as a family. If you have never experienced this kind of loss, the best way I can describe it is this: Imagine you are a kid, going about a summer day, you wake up to a knock on the door and the news that is in front of that door will change your life forever. It is as if a bomb were just dropped on your house and nothing will ever be the same. I found solace in riding daily at that dude ranch, that I am certain I could not find anywhere else at that time.

Horses reflect to us our stories, our emotions, without judgement and in such a gentle way. Experiential Equine Therapy is a powerful self-reflecting process that can open doorways to healing. Horses are incredibly powerful, intuitive and healing animals, every morning and afternoon I would sign up for a trail ride. I truly fell in love with the large beasts, and Farah would come over and nudge me, when I was feeling sad. That horse comforted me in a way that no human could at that point in time.

On September 9th LYL is about to embark on an equine therapy experience at Spirit’s Promise in Baiting Hollow. They are rescue horses, but I think they are also there to rescue us humans. The unconditional love that we experience from these beautiful beasts uncover truths and give us a gentle path to self-discovery. Wont you join us for your own experiential encounter with these beautiful gentle animals?

“These programs are designed to create significant learning moments that are applicable and transferable to your professional and personal life. Program participants can see positive improvements with many issues such as boundary awareness, behaviors and attitude, problem-solving, trust and respect, and verbal and non-verbal communications.” Marisa Striano Founder Spirit’s Promise

Horse whisperers are said to be the human individual guiding the horses, I say it is the horse guiding the human. If you are looking for resolution or just some peace of mind, please join us at our Love Your Life Manifesting What You Want Retreat, click here for more info.

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