Entrepreneurial Endeavors

The ups the downs the ins and outs what to expect and what you never anticipate and everything in between.

You have a creative idea and you find yourself fired up about it and wanting to make your dream a reality. Good for you, you are brave, courageous and ahem maybe a bit over zealous. OK, so for just a moment, a brief moment, put your feet firmly on the ground and know that you MUST pursue this dream no matter what. Despite the discouraging days, the “failed” attempts at promoting your vision, the seemingly cricket radio silence as you are fast approaching your event, you MUST pursue this dream no matter what.

You can have discouraging days, even weeks, but you have to get back on the horse and gallop forward. Nothing is ever a failure, you have an event, and no one signs up, well if you have been promoting the event, then it is out there. Regardless of whether or not it happens, no one know that silly, so head up and forge ahead. Learn from what didn’t work and brush up on your marketing skills.

Invest in a marketing assistant if you are not tech savvy, try new endeavors, just stay the course of your original idea, try not to get side tracked by a million other ventures, consistency is key.

Now I say all of this because I needed a pep talk this morning as the owner of an entrepreneurial business. Focus on what is important to you and follow these simple motivational words below, visualize, visualize, visualize and then get in there and get to work!


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